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When Will This Nightmare End?

ObamA Chooses Senator Joe Biden D. Deleware as his Vice Presidential Running Mate by Carol Lloyd — obama choses joe biden as vp mate | Gather

To paraphrase Rush Limbaugh, Obama has had a difficult time selecting a vice-presidential running mate for the 2008 Presidential elections, because everyone he would have selected had resumes so much better than his that it made the (presumptive) Presidential candidate seem incompetent.

(And so it should.)

Consequently, BHO has chosen the absolutely perfect running mate: Joe Biden, The Distinguished Dipshit from Delaware.

What's good about this? They are both about as deep as a mud-puddle n a parking lot, and Biden is perhaps the only U.S. Senator who typically embarrasses himself in public with his "unscripted remarks" more regularly than does Obama.

In a word, Biden is so bad, he makes Obama look good ... in comparison.

This, my friends is what makes Politics a dirty word in any honest household.

As author John Barnes said: "This is an idea so stupid that it could only have been conceived by a Politician."


For those of us who are Second Amendment believers, Michael Bane had a few words (and more links) to illustrate exactly why Biden is so repugnant.

Both Biden and Obama are determinedly Anti-Second Amendment ... despite Obama's "Urban Liberal" frantic attempts earlier in the year to position himself as Pro-Second Amendment.

His To Lose
In January, Salon announced of McCain that the Republican Nomination (over Romney) was "His to Lose".

More recently (February), The Economist announced of Obama that the Presidential Election (over McCain) was "His to Lose".

These to final candidates are equally so repugnant to most Americans, there is little to select from.

Obama, the most Liberal Democrat in the senate (and nearly the most inexperienced, with absolutely no background except for Academia, Law, and Politics) is completely acceptable to most Democrats.

McCain is an acknowledged War Hero. (Wasn't that big on the Democratic priorities when John Kerry was running against "The Draft Dodger Bush" in 2004, and Al Bore in 200)? ... and below the Event Horizon when Bill Clinton ran against George Bush Sr. in 1992? Curious how the concept of Military Experience varies for Democrats depending on the party affiliation of the candidates.)

McCain has proven leadership qualities during his time in the military.

On the other hand, his recent legislative record (Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants; Campaign Finance Reform) has been both anti-conservative and anti-constitutional. These political antics, if nothing else has alienated what might have been his "Conservative Base". Consequently, a lot of Republicans may vote for him (especially Second Amendment voters, under the umbrella of "Anybody But The Anti-Gun Urban Liberal"), but many true conservatives ... who have more than a single issue ... may choose to NOT vote for him. They may write in a candidate, refuse to vote (under the principal that there is no reason to vote for McCain), or indeed they may actually vote for Obama.

This last decision is usually based on the reasoning that "We can't vote for a Conservative, we might as well vote for the Liberal. Sure, he'll trash the country. But it may make it easier to get true Conservatives elected into Congress in 2010, and a Conservative may be a more palatable candidate in the 2012 Presidential Elections."

I don't know where they're going to find this hypothetically electable Conservative Candidate; we sure couldn't find one this year.)


For now, our choices seem to range from A to B. And that's pretty much the way it looked while we were looking for an acceptable Republican (Conservative?) candidate, and many of us are disappointed that there seems little reason to choose one of the 'final' Presidential candidates.

How can you make your choice?

I can't speak for you. But for me, it was bad enough that Obama was the not-middle-of-the-road choice of the Democrats, but to put Biden on the ticket was the ultimate statement that the Democ-Rats don't care about the electorate, and they are so arrogant that they think ANYBODY could win as long as he wasn't McCain. The sad thing is, they may be right.

What can McCain do to fight this "All Losers, All The Time" Democratic ticket?

There are two choices, and maybe a few variations on the themes:

First: McCain can choose a real Conservative as his running mate. I'm not sure where he could find one, I'm not happy with another politician from Arkansas and I'm not sure how many other Conservatives would be.

Second: McCain can choose a Non-Conservative, to make himself seem more appealing to middle-of-the-road voters. Again, this may be the more viable choice, but I don't know who he could pick who would be acceptable to Republicans, not entirely odious to Conservatives, and perhaps attractive to a few semi-liberal.

This seems like Political Suicide to me, but McCain has never shied away from Liberals and Liberal Political Concepts before.

The worst possible case is that he would choose (as has been suggested) Joe Lieberman for a running mate. Lieberman has been 100% Liberal on all issues except Iraq, so why McCain should choose him for his VP is entirely beyond me. But it could happen.

Bottom line?

Conservatives and Republicans alike are not going to be very comfortable over the next four years.

Hopefully, The Nightmare Will End in 2012. In the meantime, we can expect a lot of liberal judges to be appointed to the Supreme Court.

Great. Just what we needed.

We are so screwed.

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