Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Army Shooting Tips

Travis Tomasie and Max Michael spent some time together on the U.S. Army Shooting Team. During that time, they made a few videos showing "how to do it".

I ran across these YouTube videos while I was checking out a comment on a video I had made of Travis doing a speed reload under what might be called "Laboratory Conditions".


I noticed a link there which showed Young Corporal Tomasie doing the same speedy-reload thing under "Range Conditions", and in a training environment.


On the same page, I found Ssg. Max Michael's Army Pro Tips video which described "Shooting On The Move".


I can do these things, but I can't do them nearly as well, as quickly, or as reliably as these guys.

As far as I know, Travis and Max are no longer in the military. That's the loss of the U.S. Army. (In comments, bgary informs us that "Travis and Max are both *very* much still in the military, and active members of the Army Marksmanship Unit.") I hope that the American Military learn from their expertise and inculcate some of their Shooting Tips to help train other American soldiers in the techniques of pistol shooting.

Oh! I know there are going to be a few folks who will be appalled when they see muzzles sweeping the camera during the filming. I can only assume that the cameras are not manned, and that nobody actually was swept. I don't KNOW that, but I do know that these two fine young men are too highly trained and experienced to feel comfortable with pointing their pistols 'uprange'.
UPDATE: 20-AUG-2008
Corrected military status of Travis and Max; H/T to bgary.

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