Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanks Giving Day

Not "Thanksgiving Day", but Thanks Giving Day.

This is the day when we give Thanks to our Creator for delivering us to our beautiful country.

This year, there are a number of articles being proliferated in America, describing how our traditional celebration is not what we had been brought up to believe it to be.

We are told that the native Americans ... the "Indians" ... did not participate.

Logically, we are told, why would they? Either the celebration was a "Family Celebration", and they were not among the families of 'the immigrants". Or else the festivities were to give thanks to a God which they ... the Indians ... did not recognize.

Logically, therefore, this was a Day of Sadness for the Indians.

After all, the Indians had been cheated out of their land, for a paltry $24 worth of trinkets.

We cannot definitively state (they say) that our traditions are truth. Therefore, it must be a lie, and as such should not be celebrated as a Day of Joy.

I say ... how paltry must be the appreciation of these nay-sayers, that they are so ready to deny their traditions; to make such a tawdry effort to besmirch this culture which is the envy of all the world.

I say .. how paltry must be their faith, that they cannot conceive an immigrant population which would include the native people in their joyful celebration at arriving in such a wonderful land.

I say ... how paltry must be their life, that they would rather find joy in undermining the traditions of a people who have lived in this land for over 200 years, instead of joining their people in the continuation the celebration of an act of Thanks Giving.

And I say ... I pity the fools.

A Pilgrim's Account from 1620 --- courtesy of the Wall Street Journal Opinion Page.

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