Monday, November 19, 2007

"Man Bites Dog!"

ABC News: Peeved Patron Plugs the Postman

In a 'new' twist, a postal patron is dissatisfied with the delivery service (apparently) and shoots the postman. Isn't this a lot like ... kill the messenger?

Thankfully, the postman did not die from his wounds, which must be the reason why ABC News feels free to treat the alliteratively titled news story with inappropriate flippancy.

Well, I've done much the same with my "Man Bites Dog" title, haven't I?

Still, it's odd to find a non-postal-carrier private citizen, as they say, 'going postal'.

I'm glad the (entirely innocent of any perceived failure to provide premium service, according to the Comments) USPS worker didn't die from his wounds. I can't imagine the agony he suffered from the wound in his thigh.

Let us pray for his complete recovery, and hope that the IDIOT who shot him is fond, prosecuted, and serves heavy time in the Big House.

And that all of his letters and Christmas Cards are lost in the mail.

Well, I think we can pretty much take that as a given consequence.

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