Monday, January 09, 2006

Texas Shoot-Out

Here's a video, and supporting still photos, proving that Cops earn a lot more than they are paid.

The originator (H/T: G-man) suggests that you look at the video before you view the still photos. You can't really do that in this format. But after you have viewed the 4mb video, go back and look at the "after" pictures anyway.

I did, and I thanked God that I don't earn my living by going around with a big bulls-eye painted on my forehead.

I count 38 bullet holes. What's your count?

Warning: obscene language.

Completely justified, I believe.

More information about these pictures has become available since I wrote this.

The still photos of the car were taken after a separate, entirely unrelated shooting incident.

The Gun Zone has the information about the five shot-up-patrol-car photographs. (Note: may load slowly on lo-speed connections.)

H/T: C.T.

Chris wrote to point out that I failed to include the link to the Gun Zone article. That has been done (above), but for emphasis here it is again:

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