Thursday, January 12, 2006

Canadian Cluebat 3: Life Imitates Art - Absent fathers root of gun crimes, faith leaders say

You heard it here first.

On December 29, I commented on the gang shootings in Toronto (Canadian Cluebat 2: Toronto). My theme was that the cause of "Gun Violence" was not the GUNS, but the VIOLENCE, and that the indirect cause of the violence was the break-up of the Nuclear Family.

If you couldn't bear to wade through all the pedantry, here's a summary; my thought was that when the family doesn't have both parents, or when the parents themselves are disfunctional, their children will not be given the chance to learn how to act. Given no familial support, children may turn to gangs as their only 'family'. The gang culture is typically violent, and leads directly to the kind of criminal behavior which Toronto experienced on Boxer Day.

That concept has been reinforced, surprisingly by the MSM ("Main Stream Media"), in the form of an article in the Toronto Star.

Here are some cuts from the article:

Absent fathers root of gun crimes, faith leaders say
Young male adolescents who have no male role model at home 'look to gangs for family'
Jan. 11, 2006. 04:13 PM

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