Monday, January 09, 2006

Swedish Bikini Team

How can I have been posting IPSC news for over a year, and never have mentionedImage Hosted by the Swedish Bikini Team?

Just stupid.

There's actually two of them. The 'new' Swedish Bikini Team, seen above, and the Old Swedish Bikini Team.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usHere's the Old Team.

They don't look all that old to me.

The Swedish Bikini Team was best known (to me) for their IPSC participation. Obviously, they had a lot of other activities. There are a lot of Bikini Team websites. You can look them up on your own ... Google works for everyone.

Here's one that emphasizes the IPSC activities of the team.Free Image Hosting at Don't be fooled by the flash and glitter, these ladies DID compete in several shooting matches. I can't tell you whether they did well in competition. Rumor has it that the RO never looked at the trigger finger, and the scorekeeper just wrote down whatever the team members said.

Works for me.

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