Sunday, August 14, 2005

Croc Match I

"Barsoom" posted a warning to the Unofficial IPSC List that the 2005 Annual Croc Dundee ("You Got Bullets?) Hi-Round quasi-IPSC match was scheduled for Labor Day weekend, and mentioned that it features the Surprise Jungle Run stage.

I want to take some of your time and precious band-width to give you an idea of just what we're talking about when Oregonians ("Ory_Gun_Ians") say "Jungle".

It's a Rain Forest, Folks!

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Here's a picture of the June Club Match at Dundee, The Club Match. No surprises here, the competitors get to walk the stage before they shoot it. (A similar stage was also offered at the Columbia Cascade Sectional Match in early August ... again, it was NOT a 'surprise stage'; every competitor knew where the targets were, and what they looked like.)

After you get started, there are various targets stuck back in the ferns and brush, and MOST of them are readily visible ... if you're paying attention.

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Here's a couple of targets which you can easily see from the trail you're RUNNING on. Note the log over the trail? Some people think they can hit the target while they're in the air, jumping over the log. Note that the ONLY Match DQ during the CCS Section Match was from someone who jumped over the log instead of stepping over it. (Note also that this person did NOT DQ because he tripped over the log ... which he did ... but because he broke the 180 Degree line by running past a later target while he was shooting at it!)

Here's what a LOT of targets look like, at the end of the trail. Lots of targets, lots of rounds to have in your magazine when you get there.

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The thing about the Croc Match is that you have to keep track of the rounds you have actually shot, so you know when to reload. Y'see, there are EIGHT stages, and the round count is estimated at OVER 450 rounds. Do the math. You'll be shooting over 50 rounds for EVERY stage. Um, do I need to say that sixty-round stages are NOT uncommon?

I shot this match several times with a single-stack pistol (The Beloved Kimber), with Chip McCormick 10-round magazines. Then, they had nine stages and 400+ rounds, which means I could get away with having five 10-round magazines and a bunch of 8-round magazines. Chances are, I would have to do some standing reloads with that gun this year. I wouldn't want to go to the match with less than six 10-round magazines, and a bunch of extra mags as well.

I have seen a couple of revolvers at this match. One year, Steve Alley ("Alley Cat") showed up with a little red wagon which he had modified by bolting vertical 1/4" dowling to the sides, so he could slide his speed-loaders on them. The speed-loaders were handy there, but he didn't drag the wagon with him. He put the six-round speed-loaders on his belt, and he looked a lot like Pancho Villa with all that ammo on him. He also put several speed-loaders in his pockets, because it's difficult to put more than a dozen on a belt without dragging your pants down around your ankles.

The good news is that the ("Banzaii Ballistic!") Croc Match stages are usually 10-round friendly. The bad news is that the targets are not always easy to hit, and if you have to make up a miss it can ruin your whole stage.

Even people who are shooting open guns, with magazine capacity of 25 to 30 rounds, find themselves either making a standing reload or dumping a half-full magazine in the middle of the stage because they JUST CAN'T COUNT!

Here's a photo of someone who will NOT be going to the Croc Match:
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Am I Going to compete?

I don't know. I just shot a lost-brass match last week, and to be honest I hate to take brand new Winchester .38 super brass to a a lost brass match.

Here's a picture of somebody who WILL be there.
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And here are people who are just ... not sure.

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Okay, so many I'm not real sure about the last two, but it's still a Great Match.
Okay, it could happen.
I'll be there.

You'll brass for me, right?


The Hobo Brasser said...

I won't be there since it is a lost brass match.

Marc said...

I hate comment spam (above).

I like Jungle Runs. We did one with shotguns down in Gator Lousiana at the first (or was it before the first) USPSA 3-gun nationals. In August. In the Jungle. In Lousiana. Did I say in August!?

Fun Fun Fun. A mite hot and humid though.

VileBill said...

Man, that "comment spam" shit sucks! Losers. Anyway, I like the "Jungle Run" fotos; we down here (SWPL) have a "Jungle Trail," and it's always fun. Yours has some steel, though! We'll have to do that . . .

Jerry The Geek said...

The annoying and entirely reprehensible spam comment has been removed, according to BlogSpot (thanks, BlogSpot, for including the trash-bin option.) There's no way to permanently restrict access to the comments unless I go to mandatory registration, a la TypePad, and I won't do that unless the situation becomes entirely unbearable.

This is the first spam comment I've received in the 9 months of operation, so I'm not worried about it.

In the meantime, thanks for your non-spam comments, folks. They're all sent to me in an email, so I don't miss any of them. I appreciate the feedback, and it's a great way to meet new people (not all of whom agree with me, but that's okay too.)