Friday, November 11, 2016

Why I Voted for Hillary Clinton - The Truth About Guns

Why I Voted for Hillary Clinton - The Truth About Guns:
,,, which candidate would make me the most money? On a macro level, Hillary Clinton was the obvious choice. She might be more corrupt than a floppy disk in a magnet factory, but she’s a known quantity.  She would have kept the stock market happy and my retirement account growing —
This November 09, 2016 article by a writer who identifies himself as "Firearms Concierge" just gained much rancor from the gun community by describing the self-centered reasons for his Clinton Vote.

Personally, I'm not sure if this is a gag or whether the author is really that mercenary.

But one thing is quite certain; he got 300 comments on his article in 48 hours.   If his intention was to graphically demonstrate how many people will read one article and react by writing a comment, he has achieved his goal.

There are some links which purport to identify the writer by his real name, but I'm not about to reveal it here.

Who knows?   Someday I might get so desperate for fame and fortune that I will write a similarly attention-getting article.   Anonymity is not such a bad thing when you swim in the internet slime.

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Anonymous said...

Thank Algore, he invented the information highway.