Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Arming Europe: United States Army

The biggest ammo shipment in 20 years arrives in Germany | Article | The United States Army:

NORDENHAM, Germany -
The largest single Army-run shipment of ammunition to Europe in more than two decades, more than 600 shipping containers worth, arrived in Germany Oct. 29. The Army and Air Force ammunition arrived at the port in Nordenham, Germany, where it was loaded onto trains and shipped to Miesau Army Depot, Germany, for storage and distribution. "The shipment by itself is special because it's over 620 containers," said Lt. Col. Brad Culligan, commander, 838th Transportation Battalion, Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command. "We continue to build up the presence in Europe. This will help with reassuring our allies, along with the common defense of Europe if needed."
This is an interesting announcement.  Because ....
Standard dry shipping containers are 8 feet wide and 8.5 feet high, with a length of 20 or 40 feet.

Assuming each container is of the 'smallest' (20') length, then 620 containers lined up end to end will occupy a length of 12,400 feet .. or well over two miles.
Each "small"  container has a volume of about 1760 cubic feet.  
(8' x 8.5' x20')
For comparison, the front room of my apartment is smaller than 20'x 20' x 10'' or 4000 cubic feet.   Two containers of ammunition would fill my living room without room to turn around.
Two miles of ammunition.
That's a lot of "reassurance" to our allies ... and an impressive supplement to "the common defense of Europe".
If needed.

Somebody is gearing up for a war in Europe.


Anonymous said...

It is possible that some in our government think a shooting war with Russia would be a good thing.

Archer said...

It is also possible somebody thinks Americans might need to mobilize against the Muslim invasion of Europe. To help keep the peace and public order, and whatnot.

Anonymous said...

@Archer: Not our job. The Europeans can kill their own snakes. They have the manpower and resources.