Friday, November 09, 2018

Gun Control via "Tracking Devices"? Nyet!

Is it possible to prevent school shootings by knowing when a gun owner nears a school?
The Russians think so:
Gun Control: Russian Police Proposes To Outfit All Civilian Weapons With Trackers -The Firearm Blog: the Russian Police Institute, responsible for research and development of specialised (sic) equipment and communications, proposed to outfit all civilian weapons with trackers. So when a gun owner is in close proximity to a school or university, there would be an alarm in the local police station and a SWAT unit would go out to arrest him for coming too close to an educational institution.
That wouldn't work here.   Not for me, certainly.

I live in a "college town". I have a Concealed Handgun License. This kind of extreme law would make that license worthless.

"Back in the day", I was a student here and a member of the (Gallery) Rifle Team.  I owned my own competition rifle.  That wouldn't be possible today, under such laws, without setting off alarms.   The University has 'outlier' facilities covering several square miles, and I live within a mile of the main campus.   If such a draconian law were to be imposed in my state, I couldn't even go to the grocery store ... three blocks away ... without setting off an alarm. 

Of course, the Russians don't care about freedoms; they just care about control.   There's a lot of folks in America who have the same kind of "control issues".

There's a fine line between "reasonable" and "unworkable" gun control laws.  Most folks who are champing at the bit to control guns are perfectly willing to sacrifice their freedoms for a little ... mostly elusive ... safety.

Benjamin Franklin had something to say about that.

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