Monday, April 16, 2018

Dems want Universal Registration of handguns

Congressional Democrats can kiss my big black Ford fenders.
Congressional Dems launch drive to bring handgun licensing to more states:

Love your Country; Fear your Government. 
That's the New American Way.  If I had any pistols, I would not tell any Democrats about it.
The sponsored legislation, H.R.5490, would promote handgun licensing programs in states by means of a federal grant program. Introduced last week by lawmakers from Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland and North Carolina, the proponents argue that requiring a person to obtain a permit before they can buy a pistol or revolver saves lives.
{start of rant}
 This is another gun-grabber movement which is bound to turn law-abiding, responsible citizens in felons.   It's an ex post facto law, and an insult to my personal integrity.   I didn't spend a year toting a gun in service to  Democrats who started the war,  just to now discover that my country does not trust me to own a gun. 
{end of rant}

Not that I own any firearms, of course.   Nor would I admit it if I did.

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Mark said...

"of course, of course, I'm sure my dear." From Man of La Mancha.