Saturday, November 11, 2017

Oh, Crap!

When "The Economist" weighs in on a subject, it's a signal that we're so f*cking tired that anybody can have an opinion ... even if it's bullshit.   Which it is. (Nothing new here; move on!)
A minority of gun owners have a veto over gun laws - More mass shootings:
The NRA’s membership is relatively small. It should be less powerful than it is.
That's it?

That's all "The Economist" has to say about that?
Okay, I'm officially NOT blogging about the Texas Chainsaw Madman With A Gun Massacre any more
Nobody doesn't understand what happened there, nobody is any more or less upset.
But when the Mainstream Media (The "Economist", for Crissakes?) weighs in with nothing new to say except "GUNS BAD!"  you can be pretty sure that they no longer give a shit about the people who died there


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