Sunday, November 12, 2017

Never Give An Inch

If "People Of The Gun" are an anachronism in Modern America, we should at least leave a Dinosaur-sized footprint behind as we die off.

Dianne Feinstein is at it again.   Hit 'em high, hit 'em low, there's no limit to her perfidy:
Democrats' New 'Assault Weapons' Bill Would Ban the GLOCK 17, More Semi-Auto Pistols - The Truth About Guns: The text of Senator Dianne Feinstein’s assault rifle ban bill is now available on her website and, contra Nick’s expectations, it isn’t simply a copy-and-paste re-run of the failed Clinton era assault rifle ban language. It’s worse. Much worse.
I don't know, maybe Senator "Mr. and Mrs. America, Give 'Em All Up" has the right of it.  Perhaps we "Bitter Clingers" (to quote another famous American) have stayed stuck in an era which the rest of America has passed by.  We may have outlived our "Stale Date".

But I don't really think so.  There's an intractable element of our society which rejects the "New America" because we were born in an era that believed the Constitution protected liberties which all mankind can - or should - recognize are "inalienable".

Today, the Constitution is nothing more than an irritating anachronism (there's that word again) to the new "Dear Leaders".   They will be happy when the Old School dies off; it can't come too soon, to them.

But the pivotal moment in the American Revolution came when the British attempted to confiscate the contents of an American arsenal

Americans of that era decided to fight and die to protect their right to keep and bear arms.  England at that time was the "owner of America" and arguably the strongest military force in the world.  But Americans with flintlocks (which were prohibitively expensive at the time) not only paid the price in the applicable gelt at the time,  but in American Lives, to keep their guns.

They needed guns to fend off attacks from the Native Americans, who resented the encroachment on the land where they were born.

The Liberal intelligentsia is, today, not yet strong enough to force Americans to voluntarily "give up their guns"; but they're working on it.  Their tool is to denigrate gun owners as being rabidly violent anti-social neanderthals.    And it's working, even if there is little evidence that the average firearms owner is either anti-social or irresponsible.   Whether we are Neanderthals is a side-issue.

These New Americans don't think we need guns.  Well, they live in major cities where police are readily available ... for various values of "readily available".  They are reluctant to take responsibility for their own personal protection; except for the Gang Bangers, who know best their need for personal defense.  Or defense of their 'turf'.

The police are reluctant, at best, to go from door to door and search private homes with the goal of confiscating firearms. (We have given up the concept that private arms must be keep in an arsenal ... good choice!   The Brits could learn from this.  See "Concord" and "Lexington".) 

Police don't know which firearms owners are 'crazy' enough to resist confiscation with force, but their thought is that there are more than a few.   So let the Liberals among them (and they are few) risk their lives to serve their masters; most police are 2nd Amendment supporters, anyway.   My personal experience is that legal gun owners are the most responsible and law-abiding members of society, but there is no such thing as a "Universal Truth", no matter what the Huffington Post says.

Essays should end with a conclusion, proven by preceding arguments.   At least, that's what the "Ten Golden Rules of Essay Writing" says.

Here's my conclusion:

Dianne Feinstein is full of crap.

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Mark said...

...and she always has been going back to when she was first commissar of the peoples republik of San Fran.