Sunday, November 12, 2017

"Funny"? I'll give you "FUNNY"!

Forget Bob Hope and "The Road to Where-ever" movies.  In my mind, the two funniest comics in Show Business are Gene Hackmen and Marty Feldman.

No .. wait .. I got that wrong.   Gene WILDER and Marty ("old screw eyes") Feldman, under the directorial genius of  Mel Brooks!

Young Frankenstein.

Blazing Saddles.

It takes some serious comedy to make me laugh, but this combination of wit and nitwits constitute the series of films which I call "The Road To Nowhere" .. and I mean this in the nicest possible way!

Chloris Leachman keeps showing up (see: "High Anxiety") ... to my everlasting pleasure.

... and if that's not enough to put you 'in the mood', I give you "A Comedy Tonight" by Zero Mostel.


Mark said...

"Mr. Roberts" gets my nod.

Jerry The Geek said...

Mark, you would like Blazing Saddles if it had Henry Fonda in it? So how did you like "Sometimes a Great Notion"? The trouble with Fonda movies is that people keep dying in them; in Mel Brooks movies they just sit around the campfire and fart.

Mark said...

...or they admire those great knockers. ;-)