Monday, May 15, 2017

Washington State Background Check Failure

New Washington State Background Check Failure Reporting Law Raises Questions:
So much for Michael Bloomberg’s I-594 living up to its promises. Not that anyone expected it to have any effect whatsoever on predators. What it did do, aside from forcing “law-abiding” gun owners to give up private transfers, was create and put a new class of “criminal” at risk for life-destroying consequences —the previously “law-abiding” who chose “I will not comply” civil disobedience over submission to new Intolerable Acts.
- David Codrea
Yep.   Look for the same results here in Oregon.   We always tread on Washington's coat tails.

Einstein's Definition of Insanity:  Trying the same thing over again, expecting different results

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Anonymous said...

The coastal areas of Washington State have drunk deeply from the California glass of kook aid.