Thursday, May 18, 2017

Oregon gun nuts ... another gun bill.

They Never Give Up | Oregon Firearms Federation:
After the failure of their last bill that sought to force gun dealers into the mental health business,House Rep (and gubernatorial hopeful) Knute Buehler and anti-gun extremist Senator Elizabeth Hayward are back with a watered down version. HB 3460, introduced today, would require the Oregon Health Authority to create “a firearm safety and suicide prevention program.”
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Anonymous said...

Gun safety and suicide prevention sound like worthy endeavors, but why should the government be involved.

Jerry The Geek said...

Gun safety, yes: suicide prevention? Not so sure. It's a despicable thing to do to your friends and family, but if someone really wants to go ...

"It's my party and I'll die if I wanna"

... I'm not going to say it's the wrong decision. Just not me, thank you very much