Friday, March 24, 2017

Why 1911's Don't Suck

Excellent video discussion on the advantages of The Almighty 1911 ... featuring Travis Tomasie, who shoots two six round mags, with reload, in just over 3 seconds (which is the time it takes me to get a good 'first round hit' on the draw!

Note:  0.15 second split times!

No, I won't steal the video; go to the link.

Why 1911's Don't Suck: 
There have been many people talking about the good stuff about owning a 1911. In this segment we want to narrow down certain attributes among all brands that manufactures 1911’s that correlates as to why 1911’s are good to have, its more than saying 1911’s are cool and that they are for EDC, personal protection, etc.

Personal note: I paid $130 for a one-day class from Travis Tomasie before he turned 21.
I still can't shoot in his class.

Think I should ask for my money back?
Naw .... it's already embarrassing to admit that my idol is less than half my age.


Anonymous said...

1911s are good pistols, no doubt there; however, the venerable Glock has to be recognized as the finest all round modern defensive pistol ever created.

Jerry The Geek said...

My bias is better than your bias.