Sunday, March 19, 2017

House Passes Bill to Allow Gun Sales to Mentally Ill Vets

Guns in America: House Passes Bill to Allow Gun Sales to Mentally Ill Vets:

That's the title of a NEWSWEEK article by Michele Gorman, which clearly distorts the reason, the background, and the truth of a congressional action which unreasonably denied Constitutional Rights to a group of veterans who asked for assistance in completing federal forms related to their Veterans' Benefits packages.
 Updated | Twelve House Democrats joined their Republican colleagues Thursday in voting in favor of a bill that would require a judge to first rule if veterans are a danger to themselves or others before the Department of Veterans Affairs takes action to prevent them from purchasing firearms. The House approved the Veterans Second Amendment Protection Act, backed by the National Rifle Association, by a 240-175 vote. The legislation will now go to the Senate.
The distortions from Liberal politicians and pundits are so blatant and vicious that it's difficult to believe that elected officials could be so cruel to the brave men and women who offered their lives in defense of their country.

Until the introduction of this bill, Federal administrators considered veterans to be "Fair Game" in their continued quest to undermine veterans benefits based on a purely political agenda.

Essentially, officials ruled that if a veteran declined to manage his/her benefits package personally, and instead asked for what is essentially a "Power of Attorney" administrator for help in navigating the confusing set of Federal rules and regulations ... that was ipso facto evidence that the veteran admits to being "mentally deficient" ... and therefore incompetent to be trusted with firearms ownership.

That bureaucrats should make this HUGE 'philosophical' leap is bizarre,

Many seniors best deal with Federal benefits administration by appointing a legal representative or trusted family member, rather than to personally deal with the "Rocks and Shoals" of bureaucratic minutiae. The "Power of Attorney" option allows individuals to provide general guidelines, while leaving the details to people of trust.

Unfortunately, this latest Democratic move puts citizens who have served their country at risk of losing their Constitutional Rights because they are not confident that they have the legal training needed to best represent themselves, personally.

Veterans should not be required to prove themselves legally sane, just because they hire an attorney.

Feeling overwhelmed by government regulations is not a definition of insanity; to the contrary, it's a sign that their government is situationally neither logical, nor sane.

There's something wrong with a country which drafts men to go to war, and then treats these same men as pariahs.

Personally, I wonder if people who seek political office can be defined as "legally sane".

And I wonder how many of these politicians, who feel free to fuck with veterans benefits, have actually served their country in time of war.

I'll give every reader of this blog $5 if  51% of these political idiots ever saw combat.


Anonymous said...

The MSM is nothing more than a propaganda arm for the liberal anti-gun democrat party.

Mark said...

Chip away one small piece at a time. Bastards!

Anonymous said...

Fake News