Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Oregon Bill is nonsense

The Legislature of the Great State of Oregon once again manages to introduce a gun-control bill which is fraught ("Fraught!") with contradiction and Weasel Words.

Which comes as no surprise to Conservatives in this community.

Here is a summary which purportedly attempts to explain the bill to we unlettered hoi poloi:

If you trust your child, and your child accesses your firearm for 'bad reasons', your ass is grass and the Great State of Oregon will prosecute you to the full extent of the law.  

  But there is one sentence which, if it doesn't cause you to raise eyebrows, it should:

 (2) Subsection (1) of this section [NB: penalties] does not apply if: (a) The minor obtains the firearm as the result of an unlawful entry into the premises by any person;


Apparently, if your firearm is accessed by your child for a 'good reason' (eg: home defense against an intruder), then ... okay, no problem, never mind and we didn't really mean it.

Couldn't they have waffled MORE?

Obviously, this is an attempt by clueless politicians to cover their ass in the event of an emergency.

There's more, below:

 But I know a lot of Oregonians who own guns and have children (I am one, though my children don't now live with me) and I've always educated my kids about guns:

"If you want to shoot something, let me know and I'll take you to the range where you can shoot safely.  Here are the guns; touch one without my permission, or a good reason, and I'll kick your ass."

I've had two families, and all the children understood the rules.  Why should this be so complicated?
(And yes, "... kick your ass ..." was a threat; it worked.)  They all knew that all guns are loaded, and they all went to the range to learn about the devastating effects of a bullet.   And they liked shooting at targets.


A Family Day at the Range is happy-making. 

. Make the kids reload the ammunition they blew off at the range.   
. Make them clean the guns at the end of the day.

Firearms maintenance emphasizes the responsibility of a "shooter", it teaches them the mechanics of the sport, familiarizes them with the 'equipment" the internal workings of the gun).

And it makes them "part of the process", establishes in their minds that 'shooting" is a normal, every-day activity, establishes that there are "costs" to the firearms sport.

And they will be proud that they know how to field-strip and clean a gun;   They  know how ammunition is built;   They  know that they are trusted not only to shoot, but to disassemble and reassemble a firearm. If it doesn't work ... they will do it over until it works.

  They make the ammunition they shoot; there's a strong element of pride, and also an awareness that the development of their expertise is taken for granted as a normal part of American life.

They go to school on Monday; casually mention to their friends that they fired 100 - 500 rounds of ammunition over the weekend, then disassembled/cleaned/reassembled the guns, and then cleaned the brass and reloaded all the ammunition they fired because ... that's how our family spends our weekends.

No big deal.   We're just "Way Cool".

Aren't you?


Mark said...

You are way cool.

Anonymous said...

They are only doing what lawmakers do, make laws. I bet Oregon has a full time legislature.