Friday, December 09, 2016

Crowd thrilled w/ surprise!

I'm pretty sure I don't understand the vindictive parts.

Kellyanne Conway celebrates her historic win; Left focus on Conway’s body, hurl sexual slurs –

Honoring the ultimate hero at the Mercer "Heroes and Villians" party on Long Island. Crowd thrilled w/ surprise!

It must be a Liberal/Progressive thing that ordinary people aren't suppose to 'get'.


Thank God I'm not a Liberal Progressive ... the things they say embarrass me, and I'm I'm an ex-Army platoon sergeant.

I thought I knew all the ways to curse someone.  There's a lot about cursing I haven't yet learned .. nor do I want to learn!

I'll never be a Liberal Progressive, if this is the example they embrace.



Mark said...

To use one of the left's favorite phrases..."mean spirited".

Anonymous said...

In the new kinder and gentler, inclusive, diversified Army, platoon Sargent's do not curse, or use hateful and hurtful words.

Anonymous said...

liberal progressives consider it to be rendering unto conservatives or potential conservatives what is due them. After-all, all non liberal progressives are nothing more than the Spawn of Satan.