Friday, December 09, 2016

Trending story that Clinton won just 57 counties is untrue

Well, this is less embarrassing for the Democrats.

But not MUCH less embarrassing!

Trending story that Clinton won just 57 counties is untrue | U.S. ELECTIONS:

NEW YORK (AP) — Dec. 6, 2016 9:39 AM ESTA trending story that claims Hillary Clinton won a total of 57 counties in the presidential election is untrue. The Associated Press finds that Clinton won 487 counties nationwide, compared with 2,626 for President-elect Donald Trump. The story appeared on several viral content sites that cater to some of Trump's supporters. It also falsely claimed that Clinton outpaced Trump by more than 2 million votes in the five counties that comprise New York City, which the story said accounted for the entirety of her lead in the national popular vote. An AP count finds that Clinton beat Trump by roughly 1.5 million votes in New York City. Nationwide, Clinton holds a popular vote lead of more than 2 million. The AP considers parishes in Louisiana as counties in election tallies. Washington, D.C., and Alaska have a single statewide reporting unit. Virginia's count includes 95 counties and 38 independent cities.
[emphasis added]


Anonymous said...

She won many less counties, but the counties she won all were in democrat controlled very large cities, with huge populations of folks on welfare. If only the popular vote counted, Ms. Clinton could win with just the large cities of the West Coast and NE U.S. combined. She would need nothing in between the two.

Mark said...

If you don't count Kalifornia, Trump won the popular vote by about 1.5-2 million. Klinton won the freak state by 3.5M