Wednesday, August 03, 2016


Sometime back in the sixties, Al Capp (he of the "Lil' Abner" cartoon fame) 'invented' an organization which he labelled "S.W.I.N.E." (Students Wildly Indignant About Nearly Everything) to parody student protests about ... well, nearly everything.

I so wish Al were still alive.  He would have loved this!

Gays Against Guns protest targets ‘covert’ gun lobby:
About 30 members and supporters of the newly formed D.C. chapter of Gays Against Guns assembled on Connecticut Avenue outside the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel in Northwest Washington on Tuesday to protest a conference organized by the National Shooting Sports Foundation or NSSF. Organizers of the protest said their aim was to “out” the little known foundation, which they say portrays itself as an advocate for hunters and outdoor sports enthusiasts but in reality is the national trade association for gun manufacturers, gun dealers and gun show operators. “They have just as much influence on Capitol Hill as the NRA, but few voters even know who they are, the harm they do to the public, or which members of Congress they control,” said D.C. Gays Against Guns co-founder Michael Adolph.

See the comments:

Wow! I'm flabbergasted. The NSSF is a closet organization that really represents the firearms industry. Who knew? Other than anybody that knows anything about the industry.


Anonymous said...

They are peaceful folks who just want an end of the killing associated with gun violence. They probably mean well.

Anonymous said...

Modern higher education students have a lot to be indignant, angry, and upset about.

Jerry The Geek said...

Yes, university students have many reasons to be 'wildly indignant". The cost of higher education is a starter; never mind that many of them are not paying for that cost 'personally', or that they have been systematically brainwashed by their 1960's brainwashed professoriate.

Windy Wilson said...

"He means well." As they say, "the way to Hell is paved with good intentions."

Along with the fact that few people actually believe that what they are doing is evil, virtually everyone wants to judge others by their actions and the results, they want to be judged by their intentions, even if the results of actions caused by that intention were enormously harmful. Eighty years later even Stalin's purges can be excused by honorable intentions.