Wednesday, August 03, 2016

PDX confrontation: video blogger threatened, draws weapon

What do you do when confronted by an angry mob, and you're armed?

Is this a 'no win' situation?

Sources are limited, permissions to repost some of the references are refused.  You'll have to do the groundwork for yourselves, but be sure to visit the Victoria Taft connection.

Blogger Jailed for Defending 1A Rights and Life with 2A - The Truth About Guns:

A year ago, Mike Strickland was beaten and ended in the hospital for several months. His cameras were stolen, then returned with the drives wiped clean. He has video of the attack, but the authorities refused to prosecute. Recently, Mike was threatened by a mob of anarchists and Black Lives Matter activists again. This time he protected himself. Victoria Taft has written a well researched article, with video, that shows Mike Strickland defending himself from the mob in Portland. The link has it all. From Mike Strickland was arrested and charged in Portland for pulling a gun at a Black Lives Matter/anarchist protest when a mob converged on him. But now he sits in jail. As one person put it, “[Mike Strickland] is now a political prisoner in Multnomah County.”

also see the Washington Times write-up.

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Anonymous said...

The left will discourage challenge and/or opposition.

Archer said...

He wasn't arrested and jailed for exercising his 2A rights to protect his 1A rights.

He was arrested and jailed for doing it in Portland/Multnomah County.

Anonymous said...

Is Portland the city in Oregon they want to keep weird?

Archer said...

@Anonymous 1:46 pm:

Yes. They sell bumper stickers with the "Keep Portland Weird" slogan.

I want to start a counter-movement: "Keep Portland ... in Portland"