Monday, August 01, 2016

Obama's Parthian Shot: Draconian Edict Against Gunsmiths

BREAKING: Obama Signs New Gun Control Executive Order. Puts Gunsmiths Out of Business:

For local readers who have not yet heard this:
President Obama has just signed a new executive order that will essentially put a majority of small gunsmiths and niche gun parts makers out of business. Essentially, the new regulations mean that small gunsmiths who fabricate or modify parts of any kind could be labeled as manufacturers under current ITAR regulations.
(H/T: Controversial Times)

Gunsmiths (licensed) who violate this 'executive order' are (apparently, I'm just guessing at this point)  subject to fines rather than imprisonment, because this is an "Executive Order" rather than a "LAW"... but the information is not immediately available.

This is typical of Liberals Obama, having no need for either the Legislative branch (you know, the folks who are expected to make laws) or even the Judicial branch (those who try violators of laws and impose sentences).

Curiously, the Executive Branch is charged with enforcing existing laws, rather than making new laws.  If the President chooses not to enforce the laws, the other two branches of government are hamstrung.  For example: there are laws which forbid undocumented aliens from remaining in America, but as long as the Executive Branch chooses not to enforce those laws, the Judicial Branch is powerless.

Can an 'executive order' have the force of law?  Can you have a law which is not imposed by the Executive Branch rather than the Legislative Branch?  Can you have a law which is not 'on the books' and which is not accompanied by a penalty? What happens to a gunsmith if he ignores this Presidential Fiat?

(Yes, I looked up 'fiat'; yes, it applies.   I learn more legal terms by reacting to Liberal Baloney than I ever did by going to college!   The definition is, loosely, a dictate which is imposed by someone who has the power to make it stick!)

That 'fiat' goes away when the President leaves office.  Depending on his successor, that fiat may or may not be in effect when a new president is elected.   (Of course, if that successor is the HillaryBeast, that will be the least of the constitutional impertinences we have to deal with.)

Dear God, it's as if Obama is challenging us to elect Trump as the next POTUS, if only so we can rein in a power-mad Executive Branch.
(Of course, Hillary would not support this!)


Anonymous said...

I am sure Mr. Obama would call this common sense gun control. Actually there is a remedy for presidents that fail to enforce the laws on a grand scale. The house can impeach him and the senate try and convict him and he will be gone immediately. Unfortunately, instead of large steel ones, our legislature has the gonads of frightened mice.

Windy Wilson said...

And another example of how the real Obama legacy is the normalization of executive orders that were, in years past, undreamed of by even Democrat Presidents in their sweeping, far-reaching and legislation-like effect.
No wonder every Pinko leftist communist bastard is so afraid of Trump. Thanks to Obama the Genie is out of the bottle and they are all afraid because they know what they would do with that power, and like the gun grabber who doesn't trust himself, so how can he trust others with guns, so do they distrust Trump (The reasons from the right are, of course different).