Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Seven Shooters You Know

Seven Shooters You Know

This is a great video, depicting stereotypical GunGame shooters with issues.   Thanks to ENDO for presenting a humorous video with a serious message.
 (Go to the link, above, to view the video; I don't steal videos from primary sources.)

I've run into most of the characters depicted, over the past years.   Mister Clueless is the most common version, but in all candor I have to admit that I expect many of my class participants to be unaware of a lot of  the range rules of competition shooting.

That's why they sign up for the course of instruction, and they are all intrinsically motivated.  They WANT to learn, because pistol competition is a quagmire of rules, regulations, and a long history of Range Etiquette.

The one character in the video that I cannot forgive is the one who won't share the work.  I think we're suppose to hiss when he shows up.

 Since it's a "Class-room environment" (actually on the range, but you know ..) there's no excuse for not doing your part.  One of the primary lessons in the class, second only to safe gunhandling, is that IPSC/USPSA is a Volunteer Sport.

Everybody works.
Everybody is "special".

Well, everybody is packing.  
An armed society is a polite society.


Anonymous said...

Relate to: "To old for this Sh*t".

Jerry The Geek said...

uh huh.

Me, too!