Saturday, June 11, 2016

Jump The Shark?

Will Trump Supporters Defend Themselves?:

Should gun fire erupt on one side, it is also likely the other would return fire thereby causing a battleground even the police wouldn't be able to stop. This is why it is important for Trump supporters to maintain their composure and do not do anything drastic.
Again, Independent voters will see the rioters for what they are: anti-American thugs and criminals. By realizing this, they will likely vote for the Republican candidate. 
 Let's hope nobody pulls the trigger during this presidential campaign, particularly at the party conventions. Keep the Faith!
Tim Bryce at counselled patience, forbearance,  and a "turn the other cheek" attitude for CHL armed Trump supporters if/when they are attacked and beaten at a Trump rally.

Are people 'allowed' to carry at a Trump rally?  If not, why not?  I thought Trump was a great supporter of the Second Amendment!
But either way, it's certainly possible that someone will come up with the dubious idea of volunteering to show up at a rally and 'protect' attendees from the maniacal rage of anti-Trump demonstrators.

Timmy's advice is hard to swallow, for a number of reasons.

First, because everyone KNOWS that the police are unlikely to do ANYTHING to protect unarmed, peaceful Conservative attendees, because they're afraid of "bad press".  (The San Jose police excuses of "we don't want to start a riot" wears thin considering that they have decided to stand by and WATCH a riot without doing a thing to stop it.)

And Liberal websites are only encouraging the rioters, stating (huffpost) "... violence a 'logical' response to trump".!!!

Timmy has a good point; nobody who is responsible enough to carry a defensive weapon wants to do anything to aggravate an already explosive "social" situation.    But it still rankles sober honest citizens who expects to be called upon to defend self, family, home.

Who anticipated that a crowd of outraged Americans who disagree on mere political positions would become "The Enemy"??   Because, that is what these "honest, caring, Law-Abiding Liberal Americans" are becoming.

This is the most divisive, odious presidential campaign in the history of this country.  One weeps to see what pawns Americans have allowed themselves to become.

BUT .... Timmy is right.
If armed Americans use their Second Amendment rights to defend themselves and their fellows against assault from other Americans ... aw, shit.

If that happens, then America finds itself in an entirely new paradigm; one which makes us look so much like a Third World Country that we might as well all grow mustaches and wear robes or big hats.  Or loin cloths.

The hell of it is, I detest Trump almost as much as I detest Clinton.  I just want to maintain my distaste for Liberals without losing my admiration for Conservatives.

And now if you'll excuse me, I'll go pour myself a nice glass of acid (actually, cheap whiskey) to wash this bad taste out of my mouth.

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