Friday, March 25, 2016

Try it. You'll like it

Hong Kong 3Gun Match - The Firearm Blog:

 3Gun Nation has started official matches for Airsoft. 
Say what you will about Airsoft, but have a look at this video. Racing is racing and this looks like a fun and challenging sport. It has the spirit of 3gun just without the long distance targets we typically see here in the US.
It's an equivalent 'indoor' sport which includes most of the elements of the 'full poweer' version, and the excellence of the competition obviates what I WOULD have said about the sport, before I saw the video.

In a world where so many nations are determined to dismiss the natural right to compete with firearms, this is the best that many people can do.

And it's a lot less expensive than using guns with gunpowder-powered ammunition ... but still just as exciting, still focuses on speed and accuracy.

Perhaps the DVC (Speed/Power/Accuracy) equation of IPSC isn't as important when you delete the "power" part of the equation.

Sometimes "the best you can do under the circumstances" doesn't really take away from the excitement of shooting.

A good shooter is a good shooter, no matter what tools are used in competition.

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There is nothing like the real thing.