Sunday, March 20, 2016

THE most Anti-Gun movie ever produced by Hollywood

Blue Steel (1989) - IMDb:
A female rookie in the police force engages in a cat and mouse game with a pistol wielding psychopath who becomes obsessed with her.
If this movie is not the genesis of the egregious term "Ammosexual", I don't know what is.

The part I really like about this movie (Okay, that was a bit over-the-top in the SNARK department) is that it shows a 'common ordinary man' (a successful and wealthy Investment Broker) who happens upon a revolver at a crime scene and it turns him into a raving maniac, obsessed by 'the power of the Evil Gun'.

The thing is, the message of the movie seems to be reflected religiously by the current crop of gun-control enthusiasts, who welcome any excuse to depict guns as tools of the devil ... incarnate.

The actors in the movie are well-known and likable individuals, and they play their roles very well.

Jamie Lee Curtis was just coming off the professional high of a small series of "Horror Movies" (eg: Halloween), and  one wonders if viewers (and reviewers) didn't consider this just another horror flick.

Although, this 1990 1989 movie seems chronologically positioned to feed the hunger of anti-gun causes which welcome ANY depiction of firearms as tools of the devil.

You can read Roger Eberts review here, but he restricts his comments to artistic achievement.   There is no criticism of the basic premise because Hollywood assumes that "guns are bad" and any production which furthers that fantasy is assumed to be a realistic depiction.   (There are a lot of 'external reviews', I won't provide links because there are so MANY opinions!)

SO ... let's be clear about this:

Are we blaming a Jamie Lee Curtis movie for "Firearms Violence"?

No, we're blaming Liberal belief in the fantasy portrayed in her movie for their animosity of a firearm as a source of evil.


Anonymous said...

There is scientific consensus that some firearms, in particular handguns, can exert a form of mind control over humans. If this is not so, than why do we have gun nuts that delight in owning and shooting multiple firearms?

Unknown said...

Why? To make anti-Freedom folks like you wet your pants.

Anonymous said...

So spoons and forks convince people to overeat and get fat?