Sunday, January 10, 2016

Trump's Trainwreck or Brewster's Millions?

I do NOT like Donald Trump.  I'm outraged that this is the best candidate the Republicans can find.

Donald Trump talks Ted Cruz, gun control and the Clintons | Fox News Video:
Jan. 10, 2016 - 14:11 - Republican presidential frontrunner on 'Fox News Sunday'

I like everyone else on the Republican Report Card even less, because they seem like children.  

ON ONE HAND, Trump is at least a grown up and understands money .... I'm just not sure that this is the same thing as being "a viable candidate" or "presidential timbre" (whatever that means).

On the other hand, everyone who seems to be campaigning for the Democratic Nomination is so extreme that they make Trump seem rational.

Is that what this country has come to?  That there is no rational, responsible candidates available among the hundreds of millions of "natural born" citizens who can lead us?

Trump has predicted that this Presidential election will have 'the highest voter turn-out in history".

I don't think so.

I think that Republicans will either (a) hold their nose and vote for Trump, or (b) stay home on Election Day.

Our Only Hope:   Brewster's Millions!
(The 1945 film version)
(The 1985 film version)


That's a pipe dream,unfortunately.


Rivrdog said...

Your basic premise is incorrect: the GOP did NOT "find" The Donald, The Donald decided to run under THEIR banner, for reasons not immediately apparent. Then again, Bloomberg did the same thing, also for not-evident reasons.

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Mark said...

Vote no for president.

Anonymous said...

Why would you expect any politician to be rational? Trump is not a politician.

Anonymous said...

D. Trump is the man, the real deal. Go Trump, make America Great Again.