Tuesday, January 12, 2016

I was on the phone talking to my new medical insurance provider trying to identify my primary care provider, and confirming one specialist, when the agent stopped talking in mid sentence.]

"Are you there?  Hello?  Is This Thing Working?"   No answer.  The Galaxy 6 Smart  StoopidPhone was showing the Red Screen of Death! BAD!

(Not the actual Red Screen; they don't show that on the website)\

So I pushed the buttons to turn it on again, but I couldn't find the phone number that I had just dialed!

Fortunately, the representative had taking my phone number so she called me back.  We laughed, I praised her phone practices,  she accepted my policy changes and I completed my call.

I only wish the 'good folks' at Samsung (or is it Verizon?) were half as competent as the Insurance Representative.

Then I went to GUNBLOGGERS.COM and found THIS ARTICLE by Eric on the GUNMART blog.
Which starts out:
I wasn’t sure that it was going to be Biden, but I KNEW that this argument was eventually going to be made about ‘smart guns’…Its the argument that ‘The iPhone can be unlocked quickly with just your finger print, so why can’t we do this with guns?’
We don't have a lot of violent crime here in Geekistan, unless it involves drunken college kids dukeing it out in the back yard of the neighborhood kegger.   So I'm not really all that worried.

However, it's a point to remember that sometimes the worst has happened by the time you call 911 and then had to call them again because your $700 "Smart Phone" had just crashed your call.

Remember, when seconds count, your Smart Phone is only 10 seconds plus 5 minutes away ... after it reboots,
By then, anything important that is GOING to happen, HAS happened.

The Beloved Kimber: Good 

No Electronic Failure Points have been use in making this firearm.
No reboot necessary, anytime.
No parts involved in the construction of this tool were manufactured by WWII Sore-Losers from a country which we completely dominated in August of 1945 and then boot-strapped into one of the strongest economies in the world.

Either one of them,


Anonymous said...

I do not own a so-called smart phone. My cell phone is the simplest that AT&T provides. It always works, as long as there is any battery charge. It is simple and reliable, just like my Glocks. I cannot ever see myself purchasing or retro fitting a pistol to a smart gun. I guess I am a geeezer and a luddite.

Mark said...

The best security device. Get one today. They even come in pink now.

Anonymous said...

Saw a SIG in iridescent purple. I was not jealous.