Friday, January 08, 2016

The Fighting Representative

Rep. Greg Walden addresses U.S. House on situation in Oregon and the West | Oath Keepers
(Actually, I almost blew this off because it's a 24 minute you-tube political video and I hate that  ... stuff.)
But it's a slow night, so I started to watch it just to see what a small-town politico from a rural district (district 2 in Oregon, which includes my home town in Pendleton ... an area larger than a couple of states!) might have to say.

What I FOUND was an impassioned speech which not only addressed Citizens' Rights, but abuses of power on a national level.

Who knew that the local boy could make good?
Representative Walden champions the rule of reasonable logic 

Worthwhile quotes:

  • "This is a government which has gone too far, for too long."
  • "How do you have respect for a government which doesn't respect you?"
  • "What possible good will come out of bankrupting a grandmother?"
  • "We have to listen to the People."
  • "Fighting a war ... and dying."

Yes, I still detest politicians .. blood-sucking slugs on the testicles of the voters.

But this speech, by this guy?  I'm thinking MAYBE I should move back to Pendleton so I can vote for him.

It has been a long time since I've actually appreciated a politician.

Maybe there's a few of the "keepers" left.

(I'm not going to embed the speech here; Oathkeepers found it, they deserve the traffic.  And no, I'm not a fan of Oathkeepers, but they have performed a valuable service in bringing this issue to the public attention.)

[H/T: The War On Guns]


Anonymous said...

When it comes to the federal government, just shut up and do whatever they tell you to do. No arguing.

Mark said...

Walden is the only federal politician in Oregon whose politics aren't very pink.

Anonymous said...

WACO and Ruby Ridge are examples of what happens when people try to butt heads with the feds. Don't go there.