Sunday, January 31, 2016

" .... BUT ....."

Yes, The Australian Model On Gun Control Means Bans and Confiscation - Matt Vespa:
Nobody wants to take your guns. That’s what most mainstream pro-gun control Democrats say ad nauseam at various rallies. There’s also the “I support the Second Amendment, but…” that advocates of gun control say prior to offering some pie-in-the-sky policy proposals that usually venture into bans on so-called assault rifles, limiting magazine sizes, or an all-out ban on semi-automatic firearms. That’s essentially a gun ban.
I challenge you to quote any declaration about Gun Control which the liberals will proffer, which does not include the word "but".

BUT means that they don't want to take  your guns away, "BUT ...."   they really do.

They don't want to take your guns away "BUT" they don't like scary rifles.
They don't want to take your guns away "BUT" they don't like "high capacity magazines".
They don't want to take your guns away "BUT" they don't see any reason why anyone would want to have a (fill in the blank)

They don't want to take your guns away "BUT" they think that a 30 round magazine has no redeeming qualities (fill in the number ... either over or under "30 rounds").

They don't want to take your guns away "BUT" they don't understand why anyone needs an automatic weapon?  (and By The Way, they don't really have a clear understanding of the difference between "Automatic" and "Semi-Automatic" weapon;   it doesn't really matter, though, because to them they're all the same and they don't want you to have them!)

They keep asking for legal firearms owners to "compromise" on gun control issues, but they don't often suggest compromises which they are willing to offer.

That's because they don't  have to offer anything ...  the Second Amendment already acknowledges the right to keep and bear arms, and there's nothing left for them to give which will expand the rights which WE already have.

All they can do is to chip away at our constitutional rights with niggling little dings and dents, until all we have left is the car-wreck which they will allow us ... and then they want to take the hubcaps and the chrome off the fender, too!

It would serve no purpose to identify "they" or "them".  You know who they are.

THEY are the people who think that 'guns' are so bad, there is no legitimate purpose for anyone to own one.   They think that guns have no redeeming value, and guns are the source of mayhem and destruction.

They forget (or choose not to remember) the Watts riots , and armed Korean shop owners standing guard on the roof of their stores .... those stores which, after the riots were over, were the only commercial establishments left standing, unlooted: and those businesses were where the local residents calmly went to shop when the riots were over.

So when somebody tells you that you're over-reacting about your second amendment rights, and "nobody wants to take your guns", you might think about their lying eyes and remember that they either intend to stab you in the back, or take away your means to defend your self, your home, your family and your property.

Everybody wants to take away your guns.   Anybody who says different is not your friend.

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Fast forward 100 years...We don't want to take away your sword, but...