Sunday, January 31, 2016

LAPD: "When seconds count, police are only hours away"

Only On 2: LAPD Officers Say More Patrol Needed In Times Of Emergency  CBS Los Angeles: LOS ANGELES ( —
 Officers with the LAPD tell CBS2 that in the event of an emergency, you might have a long wait. It’s a story that is Only On 2. CBS2’s Randy Paige reports that many officers believe there aren’t enough of them to go around — especially in an emergency. “The citizens need to know they need to be able to protect themselves because if they call 911, we can’t guarantee we’re going to get there in time to help you,” says Police Protective League President Jamie McBride....
(emphasis added)

This is particularly poignant considering that California politicians have spent the last 20 years making sure that their citizens have limited access to firearms.

Now the police are admitting publically that they can't protect the public?

This comes as no surprise to anyone except for the elected officials ... many of whom have armed bodyguards, so it's not THEIR problem!

Now that the police have admitted that their job is to pick up the bodies and not much else, what is the Average Citizen of California to do?

Well, the first step might be to change their political affiliation to "Republican", because the Democrats who run the state aren't don't much to protect their constituents ... and the police are admittedly over-extended.

Not that I have much room to talk; I live in Oregon,  I haven't voted for a Democrat for 30 years, but you know how it is when the major population densities are all in 'the big cities' where the welfare state rules the geopolitical state.


Anonymous said...

Read the article. This is not an official LAPD announcement. It is the police union speaking. Of course the UNION wants more dues paying members, which equals more political clout. What union does not want to increase it's membership.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please explain exactly what a "high caliber weapon" is. How would I know if I have one or not?