Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Baltimore Mom

"A single mother of six children".

No single mom can keep track of six children.  Especially when at least one of those children is a male teenager. This woman has her work cut out for her.  At least she's not a "Welfare Mom" ... she's holding down a job, and has a right to expect that her older children help her with the rest of the family.

Uh ... the video includes some earthly language, so rate this NSFW.

Baltimore Mom beats Son on Live TV for Rioting Toya Graham 'Mom Of The Year' Beats Son For Rioting


I'm inclined to have low expectations for the children of this demographic, but this mother knows where to draw the line ... and make it stick!  Looking at the last few minutes of the video, son has a decidedly hangdog expression.   Good for him; he may learn something from the experience.

That might very well be the only good thing to come out of these troubled days in Baltimore.

--- OR ---

The woman has been an unresponsible purveyor of casual sex for decades, has birthed a half dozen children from who-knows-how-many-men, and none of them have chosen to take responsibility for their progeny.  She's stuck now with a dreadful lifestyle, and has been working to raise her children as best she can.  Bad choices in her youth have come home to roost, and she's STILL doing the best she can to raise her children to be better people than their peers.

--- OR ---

... she had one or more husbands who (for whatever reasons) are no longer married to her, or otherwise left her without material support.  She is again trying to do the best she can under the most difficult circumstance.  She may have made some unwise choices in her youth, but she is now a responsible, concerned mother how only wants her 16-year-old son Michael not "... to be another another Freddie Gray".

--- OR ---

The whole thing is a made-up, staged presentation of an imaginary situation; deliberately and cleverly designed to present her in the most positive light, her hopes are for fame and perhaps a few contributions to help her financially support her growing family.

Okay, we've gone from the positive to the negative, but the point is that we know nothing about this woman except what we've seen on YouTube.  And who shot the (obviously edited) videos?

The fact is, we don't really know anything about what's going on here, or why.  We would like to believe the very best about this single mother of six children, but there are a LOT of possible explanations for what we see here.

Call me a Cynic, but .. do you remember The Boy In The Balloon?

I don't know.  You choose.


Anonymous said...

Just hope that a do good er from CPS doesn't come down on her for child abuse.

Anonymous said...

She is now being accused of child abuse by the left.