Wednesday, April 29, 2015

For those who don't enjoy spectator sports

Victory for Baltimore: Orioles beat White Sox in empty Camden Yards | Fox News:

(Loss for Baltimore: nobody got to go to the game.)
As tempers smoldered and the cleanup of riot-ravaged Baltimore continued outside, the city's beloved Orioles beat the White Sox in an eerily empty ballpark Wednesday afternoon. The game at Orioles Park at Camden Yards was played out before 47,000 empty seats amid safety concerns for spectators.

One of the few 'team games' I will watch is Baseball ... primarily because if you nod off from boredom, when you wake up you haven't missed much.   I haven't watched a baseball game in 20 years, and I haven't missed much.

Other people, though, do like watching ball games.

  • Note to Baltimore:  Y'all did this to yourselves.

And that's the truth.  BLATTTTT!.


Mark said...

The city can bottle whatever the mayor has and sell it for instant stupid!

Anonymous said...

A stoke of genius, thus allowing the game to go on.

Jerry The Geek said...

Stroke of genius? Either you are a master of satirical expostulation, or you missed the point entirely.

Hmmmm ... I choose "Satire" for 1000, Alex.

Anonymous said...

The Game is what is important, not the spectators.