Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Definition of "IRONY"

I know this has been blogged on gunblogger websites (*), but not everybody follows them.
And this is far too pertinent (or impertinent) to risk someone not reading the whole thing.  

Armed Drug Traffickers May Have Returned Fire in Paris Terrorist Attacks - The Truth About Guns:
(November 24, 2015)

The common refrain from gun loving people here in the United States following the terrorist attacks in Paris is that more good guys with guns on the scene would have saved lives. After all, if we can save just one life with concealed carry it will be worth it, right? There are some news reports circulating from foreign media sites which indicate that a couple people in that Paris restaurant were indeed armed and did in fact return fire, killing the terrorists and saving lives. There’s just one problem: they were reportedly drug traffickers.

* (H/T: Joel's Gulch)
The only thing stopping a bad guy with a gun is another bad guy with a gun?

Reading the comments section on The Truth About Guns (see the link) it's clear that gun-folks in America have a keen appreciation for the situation.

Don't expect this to play real big in the Liberal Press.
But ... pass it along. This is definitely Another Geek Moment!

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Mark said...

George Bernard Shaw makes the point in the play Major Barbara, that it matters not the source of money if it does good. I would draw a parallel here to say that if the bullet does good, it matters not why it was available.