Saturday, June 06, 2015

We've Got An APP For That

NY gun owners seek to halt police confiscations:
Two civil cases are currently challenging the constitutionality of a pistol permitting scheme which allows a county police department in New York state to revoke a person’s license and confiscate their firearms at will. 
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Wasn't that the whole Concord/Lexington thingie?
[sigh]   Must we do that all over AGAIN?   When will the home-style Tory's ever learn?

(And 'people' say that the Tea Party is irrelevant!)


Anonymous said...

Common sense gun laws, if they save the life of just one child, or slow gun violence.

Mark said...

Common sense gun laws, if they just take away one gun all are worth it. Ha! They are not about common sense, they are about control and power.

Anonymous said...

NYC and NY State keep saying they would not have a gun problem if it were not so easy to buy guns in surrounding and nearby states.