Saturday, June 06, 2015

Oregon Universal Registration Rules Contain Hidden Boobytraps

Gun Owner Registration Bill Gets Worse | Oregon Firearms Federation:
(June 02, 2015)

Still need a background check to loan a gun.  But if some way the loaned gun is involved in a felony, you are liable to face the same penalties as if you had not complied with the law.

This is Deja Vu all over again.

They've got you coming and going, so there is little or no incentive to comply.

As if Oregonians had any intention to do so.


Anonymous said...

Oregon is a very progressive deep blue state.

Mark said...

How come I always learn of these type rallies after the fact? I would have been there. Who gets out the words, lets do a better job of publicizing them.

Archer said...

@Anonymous: Oregon's an odd case. Yes, very "Progressive" deep blue, but very committed gun owners and Sheriffs, and probably the highest per capita population of true "pro-gun Democrats" (only one or two in the legislature, but that was enough to stave off "gun control" bills for a long time). The problem is Multnomah County, which is urban, highly-"Progressive"/socialist, and densely populated; it carries the state in most elections.

@Mark: Get on OFF's e-mailing list. They notify of rallies, city/county council meetings, and state legislature actions several days to a week in advance, and they don't spam or give away your e-mail address.