Thursday, June 04, 2015

Libs playing Twenty Questions with the Constitution (Fool Thou Wert!)

What do you say when some tranzi lib-simp propagandist solicits your opinions on Gun Control *?

Joel knows best, it appears.   I am in awe of his restraint:  it's limited.
And appropriately so, since if you can't convince your opposition withe Sweet Reason you can always beat them over the head with a Clue Bat until they back away.

The Ultimate Answer to Kings: What the hell? Let's join the meme!:'
 What the hell? Let's join the meme! ...Though I confess I'm still not exactly sure what a "meme" is. Guess I should have gone to college, huh? Anyway - I see, courtesy of Sebastian at Snowflakes in Hell, that there's this hoplophobic broad who wants to play 20 Questions with gun owners. I'm just absolutely convinced she'll treat the responses she receives with a completely serious and respectful attitude. Also, she asks that responses be backed up with "peer-reviewed articles" or something similar. I can't do that, since I have no peers.
No, I'm not sure which bloggers have been challenged by this 'meme'; I'm just sure that (RTWT) this one from Joel ... which is VERY recent, and is receiving some current attention on the gun-blogosphere ....seems to speak truth to cower.

(*Note: this goes back to a 2010 blog article, and is presented only because of the excellence of the latest response.  The issue is both 'dated', and still 'current'.   no, there is no spam war between pro- and anti-gun bloggers.   Other than the obvious contention, of course.)


Anonymous said...

I have found most anti-gun people to be close mined on the subject. It is like trying to reason with a global warmist.

Archer said...

Ah, yes. Joan Peterson (a.k.a. "japete"), who runs the "Common Gunsense" blog. Brady Campaign Board member, MMM organizer, "Protect Minnesota" affiliate, and a big fan of Mayors Against Illegal (read: Your) Guns, Moms Demand Action, and Everytown for Gun Safety.

I used to engage her on her site. It's like beating a brick wall with your fists. Did I tell you (in a comment) about an anti-gun person who disregarded all suggested gun-owner-friendly proposed laws because they were "punitive in nature" rather than preventative? (I think I left that anecdote here at some point.) That was her.