Saturday, April 18, 2015

You thought guns were a controversial issue?

Don’t Clean Your Jeans: The Smart Way to Care for Denim - Laundry:

This 18-month old article sponsored*  article about the proper technique to clean your levis has 774 comments .... the last comments were deleted by the site guardians.

The comments include ad hominem attacks, flame wars, political back-biting and a few of the comments were so naughty that they were deleted by the sponsor.

And people call gun owners  nuts?
Shooters are polite country mice compared to American Laundresses.

*  (The sponsor?  People who make vinager.)

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Anonymous said...

It just goes to show how passionate people are about care for their blue jeans. My jeans that get really gungy go through the washer. My dress jeans, the ones for going out and two stepping or cotton eye joe, go into the chest freezer for a day or so after several wearings.