Friday, April 17, 2015

"No Sporting Purpose"

"It's a fitting 100-year tribute to the 1911"

No, it's a joke.   But the pictures are kewl!

This is a story about a twin-barrell '1911' pistol made by Arsenal Firearms'; apparently "because we can".

I had some issues with the video, such as the shooter ("The Late Boy Scout"?) couldn't remember to keep his finger off the trigger while he was waving the gun around.   Also, he couldn't hit shit.

With this pistol, there wouldn't have been a problem if there was a negligent discharge unless he was NOT aiming the gun at someone.   He made a lot of excuses for the gun, such as "I was pulling the trigger wrong" but apparently there was no RIGHT way to pull the trigger.   It was almost impossible to hit a target; or, if he did, to explain why the rounds hit where they did.  He kept saying he pushed the shot, but if he was such a poor shooter why was he the demonstrator for this video?

(Could it be that the whole thing was tongue in cheek")

He shot a few rounds at a target "at about 30 yards" and the spread between the two rounds ranged between 2" to 4" with no consistency, or reason why the spread varied.

He tried to shoot a bowling pin, and kept missing; another person observed "it looks like your bullets are going on both sides of the bowling pin". (Or words to that effect)   That's encouraging.

Go watch the video, you will be more impressed than I was.  You could hardly be LESS impressed.

As far as I can tell, this is just another variation on the theme of "load your ammunition with the bullet backwards; you still can't hit shit, but you'll miss it with style!"

I predict that Arsenal Arms will have a very poor return on their marketting venture.

QUOTE OF THE DAY:   "This obviously is not a competition pistol" .. The Late Boy Scout


Anonymous said...

Is it legal in USPSA/IPSC?

Mark said...


MuddyValley said...

Built under the assumption that with two barrels one would have twice as good a chance at hitting the target.

Jerry The Geek said...

USPSA legal? (shrug) Perhaps in OPEN Division. Might be legal in Limited/L10 if there were 500 sold.