Monday, April 13, 2015

Trash Shooters..

Shooting Wire: (April 13, 2015)
 LINCOLN – Target shooting at the Leonard A. Koziol Wildlife Management Area (WMA) has been permanently closed. Target shooting at the WMA in Howard County is now prohibited because of safety concerns, property destruction and excessive littering. Target shooting is permitted on most WMAs. The areas that have target shooting bans are posted with appropriate signs. Call a Nebraska Game and Parks Commission district office in Lincoln (402-471-0641), Norfolk (402-370-3374), North Platte (308-535-8025) or Alliance (308-763-2940) to find out where target shooting is banned in each district.

We've talked about this before, when other open areas have been closed to shooters for the same declared reasons.

I don't know anything about this range, or the people who use it.  Maybe there are a few Trash Shooters who ruin it for everyone.   The best we can do is, when we go to a place where it's currently "permissable" to shoot ... leave it cleaner than you found it.

Maybe that should be the FIRST thing we do.  Clean the range, and if you have any energy left then do what you went there to do.

I'm lucky in that I have one of the best indoor/outdoor shooting ranges within 20 minutes of my home.   The Albany Rifle and Pistol club has permanent management staff on site during most daylight hours, and club members volunteer to act as Range Safety Officers durin the high-usage periods (weekends).  They patrol and they check every shooting bay to make sure that everyone has their member badge prominently displayed, and guests are wearing a "Guest" badge.

And the membership fees aren't very high.  Because I run classess on a monthly basis, my "Work Bond" cuts about 40% off my annual dues.  Other members fulfill their Work Bond by acting as Range Officers,  or showing up once a month to perform maintenance on the range,  There are 30 gallon trash cans in every bay or shooting area (including the 20-table "Bench Rest" are, and they are emptied regularly.  Like ... every day.

But if you can't find a local club which shares the labor so evenly, then there's nothing you can do except clean up after the children.   It's okay to say bad things about their legitimacy while you're doing it.  You'll probably be right.

Trash Shooters


Mark said...

It even happens at sanctioned ranges. At my gun club I have to clean up the range every time I use it. I use it several times a month.

Anonymous said...

It's not just shooters. Americans tend to trash up most any place they frequently gather. They have no pride and are lazy,