Saturday, September 20, 2014

NEWS OF THE WORLD: Scotland still in UK!


It has come to my attention that Scotland decided to NOT deprive itself of UK Membership.

Gee .. if this had been an "OPTION" 230 years ago, imagine how much simpler life could have been.  Americans and British both could have saved lives, and saved themselves the 'bother' of 2 wars (1775 & 1812) ... and Dolly Madison wouldn't have had to risk her life to save her picture.

And BTW ... isn't it about time we talk Reparations?

Maybe not.  As long as the Scots are willing to forgive the Civil Rights deprivations of William Wallace, I guess I can forgive the Sassanach.

And there's that whole Haggis thing ... yech!  Maybe it is too soon to loose the Scots upon the world.

BTW .. my Paternal Grandmonther's maiden name was Dildine (Irish), and my maternal Grandmother's maiden name was Cruikshank (Scots).

They married  Germans, and Englishmen  ... respectively.

Sometimes it's difficult to carry on generational wars, when your wimmin insist on consorting with the enemy.
Go figure.

Besides, the English have at least one thing to their credit:  They're Not French!

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Anonymous said...

The French have given to the world almost all the is warm and beautiful, civilized and tender, elegant and in good taste, high morals, etiquite, manners, fashion and personal cleanlyness. Bravo to the French, the British and Germans are nothing more than mouth breathing, knuckle draging, unclean barbarians.