Wednesday, September 17, 2014

USPSA’s accountant resigns over un-accounted for expenditures | Gun Nuts Media

For people who didn't happen to see the news in Area 6 website or or Caleb's "GUN NUTS" website,
this is provided as a means of circulating information of interest to USPSA members.
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USPSA’s accountant resigns over un-accounted for expenditures | Gun Nuts Media: NEWS USPSA’s accountant resigns over un-accounted for expenditures
by Caleb September 17, 2014
 The following was provided to me by an anonymous source, and has since then been posted on the Area 6 FB page as well as other forums. USPSA’s accountant resigned from USPSA, with an effective final day of September 30th because corporate funds were not being properly accounted for. Here is the entire text of her resignation letter:


Anonymous said...

This is not good. In fact it could be very very bad. I could understand if we were talking about the city of Chicago, but USPSA!! A complete and detailed investigation must follow and the results be made know to the membership.

Anonymous said...

It appears that the skuldugery may extend to the BOD. Something smells.

Jerry The Geek said...

Given that, according to reports, at least two members of the BOD have recently resigned -- I'm not prepared to blame malfeasance, if there be such, on the BOD.

And since Dave Thomas has "left the building", we are bereft of an experienced, trusted advocate.

I do agree that these charges are disturbing and need to be explored. Also, that the membership must be fully informed of what seems to be (at this time) rumor and innuendo.

Beyond that point, I'm only reporting information which I have gathered from "Other Sources".

Anonymous said...

Well Said, the known facts speak for themselves. Sad because USPSA has always had the reputation of being snow white clean.