Tuesday, November 04, 2014

So what if you DO save your family and home from predation?

[Video] Couple Who Shot, Killed Burglar Last Year Discuss the Toll the Incident Has Taken on Them:

.... one thing that we don’t talk about often enough is the toll that is taken on you and your family after a defensive shooting.
Guns Save Lives is one of the few websites which I visit every day.

But this day, Dan Cannon talked about the burden which defending your family against a home-invasion imposes on the people who choose to defend themselves, their home, and their families.

It's a subject which deserves your attention.

Is it better to shoot?  Or to be shot?

Is The Law less threatening than the Lawless?

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Anonymous said...

By all means, do not resist, do not shot. Then you and your family can be perhaps tortured, raped and then dead. At least you can die knowing you were PC.