Thursday, November 06, 2014

Bread and Circuses ... and Pot

2014 Oregon election results :: The Oregonian | regon [sic] results

For those who care ...

Oregon voted FOR Democrats in most significant races, and FOR Marijuana legalization ... but  AGAINST mosquitoes and flies. *

Apparently, the weed-heads are more annoyed by flies than by Democrats.
(Which seems a good reason to oppose the legalization of Marijuana.)

Democrats only annoy them the one day a year when they can't ignore them.  Perhaps if Oregon held elections more frequently, the preposterous Dem campaign ads would be seen as more pernicious to those of us whose perception of reality is more concerned with pot and television than with reality.

*(for party splits by state, see this graphic)


Mark said...

Just give bug swatters.

Anonymous said...

Pot makes democrat politicians, and policies, easier to bear. Oregon voters did vote against giving illegal aliens Oregon drivers licenses. No one really likes flies, or mosquitos.

Anonymous said...

Oregon has benefited from it's close proximity to California.