Sunday, October 05, 2014

Take A Liberal To A Gun Range Day

Liberals Try Shooting Guns For The First Time - Buzzfeed - The Scene:
August 18, 2014
As you might expect, they weren't that into it.
Baloney!   Many of them loved it.  (Follow the link to see the short video.)

Quotes from various participants:
"... You don't realize (I didn't realize) when you shoot a gun, just firing one?   That took a lot out of me.  I was ... it was like I fired once and then I wanted to take a nap." 
"My hands are sweating ..."
"Oh my God, I can't .. my heart is like racing so fast right now"
"You can feel it throughout your whole body, and I'm not as scared as I was.   But (unintelligible) gonna buy a gun, definitely."   (big smile)
"Never in my life did I think I would shoot a shotgun!"
"I felt kinda bad***, when I was cocking the shotgun.   Yeah, that's a "bad***" gesture right there ..." (simulates cocking a pump-action shotgun, with the smallest secret smile the Universe has ever seen)
"No, I don't want to do it anymore."
"It was kinda like ... enjoyable? But then I was getting sickened about me feeling enjoyable about it." 
"Shooting a gun did not change my mind about Gun Control ...."  (this from the guy who called pumping a shotgun a "bad*** thing")
"... this is a 'fun thing', but not every 'fun thing' is legal". 
"You know it's a rush, it's a Adrenalin rush, and you get all ****** up, and I feel confused and conflicted about it all. I would probably come back and [nods] do it again."

Not ALL of these "Young Liberals" (you have to take their word for their political orientation) were entirely positive about the experience.

But have you ever taken something out shooting for the first time, in what they consider a safe environment, and watched them experience the smile-generating "Adrenalin Rush"?

Of course you have.  If you have the experience, you have the shared joy of a scary, forbidden pleasure.

Many people, especially young Urbanites, only know what their social groups tell them about Evil Guns.

Some of them are frightened that they have enjoyed the experience .. and react with a frowny face saying ".. but it doesn't make them legal"  (Yes, they are!)
Some of them rejected the experience after the first try.
Some of them experience a 'guilty pleasure', as if shooting a gun at a paper target was sinful.

[" And if you don't have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one!"  Luke 22:36]

And some of them were openly enjoying the experience.

It wasn't like ... defeating 'the enemy'.  Or even 'converting' someone.  It was just watching someone "GET IT".  You know, that people who enjoy shooting  aren't "Fanatics", they're just normal people who enjoy their favorite sport.  Like shooting darts, except without the beer and the Drunken Irishmen.


I was chatting with my landlord tonight.  I had taken him and his wife to the range last year to shoot about a zillion rounds of ammunition through a half-dozen guns.  As he was leaving, he stopped, turned around and said "Hey, we got to go to the range again."  I smiled, and said:  "You bet.  This time you buy the ammunition."

He nodded, turned around, and walked on.

I waited until he had turned the corner, then I did the Happy Dance.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like the firearms were trying to take control of their bodies and minds. That happens sometimes.

Mark said...

God forbid a liberal have fun!