Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Kroger: "If you don't trust me, I wouldn't trust you

(H/T: "Sharp As A Marble")

Last month, when the MOMS started harassing Kroger, I found a convenient place on their (Kroger) website to enter a comment.  (Look it up for yourself.)

I gave them my name, address and phone number.  I told them that I had been shopping for 'almost everything' at my local Kroger store (in Corvallis, that's "Fred Meyers' Store") for over 20 years, and I wanted to tell them how much I appreciated that they did not cave into the anti-gunners' exploitative pressure for the chain to kowtow to their nonsense.

I told them that the reasons I shopped there were many:  Convenient location, competitive prices, great selection of quality foods and other goods.  I get my prescriptions filled there.  Friendly people .. the clerks always ask if I found everything I wanted, and if I didn't ... I mention it.  Next time, or the time after that when I visit the store, they have stocked it again.

Also, I told them that I "may or may not carry" on their premises, but they won't know because if I did, it would be concealed in accordance to local law, and I'm not inclined to frighten other shoppers.  Most of them are my neighbors.

Finally, I told them that I never, ever, enter a store with a "No Guns" sign on their door.  I'm there to spend money: they're there to make money. I don't look for opportunities to be insulted, or make trouble.  I just want to go home with a full shopping cart.

Besides, a "NO GUNS" sign on the door is an incitement to violence.

When I make a purchase, I have a URL on my receipt where I can answer a survey.  I don't always do that, but when I do I tell them about my "shopping experience".  They appreciate that .. I suspect most people never answer their surveys.  The good thing is that they send me coupons.  I'm old and retired, so I appreciate their marketing plan, and they appreciate my assurance that they're doing a good job.

They have my sales records in their computer.  They know how much money I spend on their premises every month .. which is almost my entire food, prescription and sundries budget.  I mentioned that I'm am on a strict budget, and they help me to stay healthy.

Looking at my monthly Kroger Visa bill, they know that I'm spending over 10% of my income in their store every month.  And they give me a 2% break, which isn't much but it helps. Also, sometimes they send me a 'credit' for that 'break', which I promptly use on my next purchase (besides the coupons).

I also told them that ... thank you very much, but I do not wished to be interviewed by a phone call.

So far, it has worked out just fine.  
And the clerks still smile at me and ask "did you find everything you wanted?"

(I didn't mention "Jennifer", the hot checkout clerk in Aisle 3.)


Anonymous said...

I usually grocery shop at HEB or Walmart. Both are gun friendly. What is this Krogers you speak of? I havn't seen one in many many years. I thought they went bankrupt or something.

Mark said...

The Canby Fred Meyer (Kroger owned) started selling guns about two year ago.