Monday, May 05, 2014

Innocence of Muslims Full

RE : Innocence of Muslims Full Movie - Prophet Mohammed Biography - YouTube:
Published on Sep 16, 2012
This video does not belongs to me
Innocence of Muslims Full Movie - Prophet Mohammed Biography
This is a programme aired on History channel about the life of Prophet Mohammed.
Innocence of Muslims is the Muhammad Movie by Sam Bacile that caused Muslims to kill United States ambassador, J Christopher Stevens. The anti Islam video claims Islam is a lie and Mohammed was a pedophile. Reviews of the Muhammad Film have ranged from "Disgusting" to "the riot laugh of the summer." All rights to Sam Becile or w
hoever made this film 
um, this is a PBS-type justification of a religious bias.    I watched the whole thing, and it sounds really, really reasonable.

Except for the "Honor Killing" thingie.

 Funny that the discussion didn't mention how the original concept didn't mention that you can kill your wife/daughter/girlfriend if you don't think she's acting the way YOU think she should.

You don't see a problem here?



Anonymous said...

How many more embassies must burn and Americans die because of this movie?

Mark said...

if you still believe the video caused Benghazi, you are a cool aid drinker.